Time To Open Your Eyes

Jeremy Woodall

6th December 2020

Imagine you are leaning against a large rock face that is warm from the sun, eyes closed, breathing deeply and listening to the sounds of nature around you, you are  having a good internal experience.  You now open your eyes and realise you are perched on a small ledge with a long drop below you, your internal experience changes dramatically, even though the only real change is seeing where you are in physical space, in a position where you could slip and fall to your death.

Consider now though, that you are sitting at home alone worrying about your future or going over some traumatic event in your past, imagining how bad things could get or remembering how bad things were.  Your internal experience would not be good.  If you now however, take in your actual surroundings, open your eyes to the physical reality of your situation, become aware of the support of the chair below you, the sounds of your environment and you keep your attention on your physical reality and breath deeply, your internal experience would change dramatically.

We perform better when our internal experience is good, we make better decisions, we enjoy life more and our impact on the world around us is different than when our internal experience is bad.  

In my experience the most effective way to develop a better understanding of your inner experience is to practice some form of meditation, of which there are thousands.   I have therefore put together a free PDF to help you get started.  

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