Courses and Programmes

Online mindfulness meditation programme

Designed for those who struggle to find time to learn new skills, this is a practical course including a fully guided 21 day programme.  This is learning mindfulness meditation through experience, an ideal course for those who have heard of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation and want to give it a go.

Being fully guided; the programme in this course is designed to accelerate the experience of mindfulness meditation for individuals, as well as laying the foundations for a life time of practise.  All you need to do is set aside time and follow the guidance given in daily exercises.

Online training and seminar

Especially at this moment in time, much face to face training and speaking work has now started to move online. Therefore if you would like to receive more information about the types of training and seminars services that I am offering, please complete the form below. 

Free introduction to meditation PDF

For those who have never meditated, or if you have found yourself unable to maintain your personal meditation practice, then I would recommend downloading this free PDF, which introduces meditation/mental focus disciplines and what the value of taking on such a practice is. Then, how to chose the right approach for you and tips on the best way to get started and, finally, how to best build and maintain your own personal practice

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Emotional resilience development course

Emotional Resilience is our ability to adapt in stressful environments and situations and is measured by how quickly we rebalance when we experience emotional distress.

Drawing on my experiences during military service and through my training as a therapist, I am in the process of releasing an Emotional Resilience Development Programme. For more details and to be notified of its release date please enter your details below

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Developing your own mental focus or meditation practice is the development of a life changing skill set.

Free introduction to meditation PDF