How To Navigate Change

Jeremy Woodall

29th September 2020

How to Navigate Change

A quick exercise for anyone struggling with change...

‘Change’ is the most powerful force in the universe, nothing is immune from its constant flow.  Yet for many, when dealing with massive change, the desire for certainty and security can make one feel extremely vulnerable, out of control and suffering emotionally.

With this internal suffering, negative emotions often build as one worries about an uncertain future.  These habits of thought, or worries, amplify emotional suffering and for most are accepted as, “Well that is just the way I am”.  However, there is a simple way to change mental habits, interrupt old patterns of worry and practise something new. 

So, during this period of enforced change, if you find yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed, this is a simple three-step process to help get you back on track.

Step one:  Stop whatever you are doing and engage with a simple physical activity and bring your full attention to that activity.

Step two:  Take control of and deepen your breathing, fully exhale during each breath cycle in a controlled manner, as if you are blowing through a straw.

Step three: Avoid feeding mental chatter, this can be hard at first, but keep returning to steps one and two to help.

A simple example of how to apply this process is to take yourself for a walk.  Bring your full attention to the walk by focusing on the sensations in your feet as they strike the ground, the feeling of the wind against your face, or the warmth of the sun against your skin.  Focus on the sounds of nature and visually take in your environment.  Deepen your breathing and remember to fully exhale, take in the aroma of your surroundings. By engaging your senses in this way, you focus attention on what you are doing and naturally ease mental chatter.  Commit to this and it will only take a few minutes before your emotions settle and your perspective will have adjusted. Repeated often, this will enhance your emotional resilience, help you think more clearly and engage more positively with the process of change. 

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