Give Yourself a Mindful Moment Today

Jeremy Woodall

7th November 2020

Give yourself a mindful moment today

When you next grab a hot drink, pause for a moment, hold the cup and feel the warmth through your hands, take in the aroma and be aware of the heat rising from the cup, take your first sip and taste fully, become aware of the sensation of the liquid moving across your lips, tongue and down your throat.  See how far down you can follow the drink in your body.  

This mindful moment will develop your ability to direct and hold your attention, try and make it part of your daily routine.

With an activity such as mindfulness or meditation there is a lot of information out there and expectations are often high for those who start these practices.  So even though people are aware of all the proven benefits of such practices, most who start fall by the wayside.  

Well what if... that is exactly how your journey into mindfulness and meditation should be... what if, the break between practices is beneficial... What if, seeking a practice and an approach is a unique path for you to find.  So that the more times you start and seemingly fail, you are in fact starting and learning and evolving in your own unique way..  

For me I believe there is no right or wrong way for you to evolve and the more that you learn to trust your own discernment and sense of inner wellbeing, the more you will get from such practices as mindfulness and meditation.  So keep trying new things, enjoy the process of evolving, seek advice and guidance, but always own your decision to take action and make the most of what unfolds from that action.

In my experience the most effective way to develop a better understanding of your inner experience is to practice some form of meditation, of which there are thousands.   I have therefore put together a free PDF to help you get started.  

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