How To Create Mental Space

Jeremy Woodall

2nd November 2020

We are mental, physical and emotional beings and when we become mentally overwhelmed, emotional and physical responses take place.  For each individual this will manifest differently, however there are common themes associated with mental overwhelm, such as emotional anxiety, tension in our body, and changes in our breathing.  In other words when you make changes in one aspect of self the other aspects adjust.

What this simple exercise does is interrupt patterns of response to mental overwhelm and start to create new habits that give space for the body to re-balance and calm the mental chatter.

The key to success is repetition.  You don’t get good at anything by trying it only once, so if you are serious about improving your inner experience then find and commit to these types of exercises and repeat.

Mental Space Exercise: 

Pause... Posture... Point of Focus…

Straighten your posture, elongate your neck and hold your chin up, pull shoulder blades back and maintain this throughout the exercise. 

Go to a window or step outside and find your furthest visual point of focus as you push your awareness as far away as possible. Find as many points of visual interest as you can, look for change and movement, such clouds in the sky, shadows on the ground, birds flying or the movement of people and vehicles.  Breathe deeply and keep changing your point of focus, allow your body to be relaxed while maintaining posture.

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