Time To Open Your Eyes

6th December 2020

You were leaning against a large rock face that is warm from the sun, eyes closed, breathing deeply and listening to the sounds of nature around you, you are  having a good internal experience.  If you now open your eyes and realise you are perched on a small ledge with a long drop below you, your internal experience changes dramatically...


Give Yourself a Mindful Moment Today

7th October 2020

When you next grab a hot drink, pause for a moment, hold the cup and feel the warmth through your hands, take in the aroma and be aware of the heat rising from the cup, take your first sip and taste fully, become aware of the sensation of the liquid moving across your lips, tongue and down your throat.  See how far down you can follow the drink in your body....

How to Create Mental Space

2nd November 2020

What this simple exercise does is interrupt patterns of response to mental overwhelm and start to create new habits that give space for the body to re-balance and calm the mental chatter.

Frustrating Times

21st October 2020

We are continuing to live through a time where so much change is outside of our control and the uncertainty of this can make moving forward incredibly challenging.  However this time also provides an ideal opportunity to turn your attention inwards and discover new ways of bringing a sense of calm and control into your life.

7 Simple Ways to Control Stress

16th October 2020

Simple modifications in posture, mental focus and behaviour go a long way in reducing stress and tension. Here are 7 quick things you can do immediately to help keep your stress level under control. 

How to Calm a Busy Mind

10th October 2020

A quick exercise for anyone struggling with change...

As a human you are a fully integrated physical, mental and emotional being. This means that when you become mentally overwhelmed, the emotional and physical aspects of you adjust and match this mental activity, so you end up holding physical tension, feeling emotionally uneasy and your breathing patterns alter.

Take Back Control

10th October 2020

We are all living in a world that is experiencing more change than anytime in history, change that for many is outside of our control... so how do we gain back control? 


25th September 2020

The world is currently moving through a dramatic period of change bringing with it restrictions and uncertainty, that for many feed strong emotions and frustration.