Free Introduction to Meditation PDF

Free introduction to meditation PDF

Emotional Resilience

Our ability to deal with the many challenges life throws at us depends on how we adapt and more importantly how we manage our internal experience. We learn how to do this more quickly through the development of our Emotional Resilience.

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Jeremy Woodall

I support people as they navigate towards increased mental well being, through the development of personal meditation and mental focus practices, as well as the development of what I call 'The Coach Within'.

Jeremy Woodall


Learn to navigate your inner world

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'Develop The Coach Within' offers a number of pathways to help you better understand the inner you

Emotional Resilience Course Online

My latest online course 'Emotional Resilience', is now live If you would like to know more click on the link below

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Free Introduction to Meditation PDF

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Try this free Introduction to Meditation PDF series to help get you started

Free introduction to meditation PDF

Better Sleep Course Online

Learn about the science of sleep and what you can do to generate and sustain better sleeping habits for yourself. There are also a series of guided exercises that provide a practical and powerful way to enhance your sleep experience.

Mindfulness Meditation Course Online

Do you want to understand more about mindfulness or learn about how to calm your mind and find emotional balance? Then have a look at this online mindfulness programme.

Try my introduction to meditation PDF

Discover the power of your own mental focus. It's time you do something for you. 

Free introduction to meditation PDF